Friday, July 19, 2019

GIS Business journal

The goal of the GIS Business journal is to develop and disseminate literature and empirical evidence in the field of sustainable and social development. The journal endeavors to establish an effective linkage between policy-makers, government agencies, academics and research institutions, and professionals working in the field, and to provide a forum for them to propagate knowledge base and integrate it into practice.

Aims/Scope of the Journal
The scope of the journal includes the broad area of sustainable development. It may include but not limited, to the following core area…
  1. Review and analysis of policies and programmes of sustainability
  2. Community led models of sustainable development
  3. Social aspects of sustainability
  4. Rural and Urban Development and Sustainable development
  5. Sustainable Development and Education
  6. Health care and Sustainability
  7. Employment and sustainability
  8. Entrepreneurship and Sustainability
  9. Environment and sustainable development
  10. Ecology and sustainability
  11. Economic dimensions of sustainability
  12. Political dimensions of sustainability
  13. Economic, social and natural resources issues
  14. Vulnerable sections and sustainable development
  15. Science, Technology and Sustainability  
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